A silver lining of sorts

Recently I was seeing a family in my office that I’ve known for a while. In the course of the conversation the Mom made a comment that she was “just so thankful that all my kids are healthy and we don’t have to worry about the really big stuff.”  I nodded in agreement and thought about two babies in the hospital that I had seen that morning, both Ruth’s age and both with serious medical problems.  And then we finished up the appointment and I said good-bye.

It wasn’t until later when I was writing up the chart that I remembered this conversation and it struck me that this Mom’s oldest child had been diagnosed with cancer about 8 years ago and it’s only been about 3 years that she’s been considered truly cured.

Wow. I don’t know about you but I would file that under “big stuff”.

I don’t think this Mom forgot that her oldest child had been treated for cancer. I don’t think she even meant what she said as some sort of super Pollyannish statement. I don’t think she meant “healthy other than that whole cancer thing.”

I think that because of her experience she knows what is possible. She’s come closer than most of us to what could be, to what is most parents’ worst nightmare. And she’s just truly grateful for what she has now. Not in spite of the cancer. But because of the cancer.

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