Why surfing the Internet isn’t a waste of time

I have to admit that I thought this project was sheer genius. Admittedly, not my genius, but still I did find it while surfing on the Internet one night. That counts for something right?

We’ve been studying the Byzantine empire in History and a suggested activity in the Story of the World Activity Guide was to make a mosaic. She suggested using Plaster of Paris and pieces of broken tile or glass. That sounded authentic and likely the kids would have enjoyed it. But it also sounded messy. And hard. I was planning on doing the construction paper mosaic version of this project, which would have been a fine way to go.

But then one night while aimlessly surfing doing important school research I stumbled upon this blog and her genius idea for a mosaic.

Cakes. With M&M’s as the mosaic. Really, anytime you add chocolate to a school project it’s just that much better in my opinion.

This is David’s. Yes, it’s a monkey. He had a little help from me.

This is John’s. It’s a snake in a tree. He did the whole thing pretty much on his own and I thought he did a very nice job.

I have to say as far as taste these were actually a little over-the-top in their sheer sugaryness, but we had a lot of fun making them.

And finally, because every time I’ve read the word Constantinople in the past few days this has been in my head, I just couldn’t help but share.

They Might Be Giants: Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

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