What I did on my summer vacation

Recently I was reading a blog that had advice on how to write a better blog. One of the pieces of advice was to not keep writing updates after long absences. The thought being that it’s kind of boring for readers. It was good advice.

Which I will now ignore. But this will be the last post of that kind. I promise.

*We moved. It was a relatively easy move being only 15 minutes from our old house. Even so, all the headaches of the whole process of buying and selling and negotiating and packing and unpacking prompted me to tell H. that I look forward to growing old with him. IN THIS HOUSE. The move itself didn’t dramatically affect our everyday lives: we work in the same places, go to church in the same place, shop in the same places for the most part, and are closer to most of our friends. At the same time, it’s been a good move for us. The house is bigger but even better the yard is much bigger and more fun for the boys. The new location is close to a bike trail and I think we’ve been out walking or biking almost every day since we moved here.

*We’ve done a lot of house renovations. We bought the house “as-is” and the people had done some on the surface cosmetic things to sell it but there was a lot left undone and a lot done poorly that need to be done over. The day we moved in we had a plumber, HVAC guy and electrician here. For about the first month I think there was a contractor here every day. We’ve gotten a new roof, new windows and had to completely rip out and replace one shower because it leaked (we could see water pouring out of the front of the house). We’ve painted and done many minor repairs. There’s more to do but the major stuff is over now and most of the rest is cosmetic. Still, it’s been a summer of being focused on the house.

*We started school a few weeks ago. John is in 2nd grade. David is in preschool and still spends much of his time pretending to be a monkey.  Ruth is enrolled in the school of domestic destruction and spends her days emptying bookshelves, defying baby safety locks on cabinets and making a mad dash down the hall if she sees the boy’s room door open. She knows that’s where all the good toys are.

*It’s been a good summer. Ordinary but good. A lot of swimming. A lot of biking. A whole lot of reading. A little travel (the beach, New York and home to Richmond). Some art together. Lots of time with friends. Once H. and I described our perfect days to each other. His was something like this: a little architecture, some good food, a little exercise and good company. That’s kind of been our summer.

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