A not all that bad day

It feels like cheating to post again after such a lengthy hiatus only to primarily be linking to someone else’s blog. But Danielle at sixyearmed has brought me to tears again and I figured why not share.

Ruth has had a bad day. She’s been cranky and most of the day has been me handing her stuff and her throwing it on the floor. As soon as I get settled into doing something else with John or David she starts to fuss and fuss and it escalates to a full-out wail. I pick her up and snuggle her but even being held isn’t enough today. I got her settled into the sling and just whining a bit when I sat down to read this post. It’s heart-breaking beyond words.

While I read Ruth finally drifted off to sleep with her little fuzzy head hot and heavy on my chest, her hands still clenching my shirt as if even in sleep she is resisting being separated. I look at her now and kiss her sweet fat cheek, so thankful for her. Thankful that even on a bad day, God has given me the grace to be her safe place. Thankful that no matter how bad her days are or what may come in her future, she is loved.

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