The best-laid plans

We had big plans for this weekend. My parents were coming to help watch the kids while we worked on house stuff to get it ready for open houses next weekend. We’d have my Dad take John to swimming so we could use the mini-van to haul some stuff to a friend’s house for storage and run some other errands. We had a busy Sunday planned ending with picking up an architecture student from H.’s undergraduate university who was going to be interning with him for the week and staying with us.

Then my parents both got sick and although they wanted to still come and help we all decided probably best for them not to. Then John was up much of Friday night with a cough and woke up yesterday feeling kind of punky and didn’t want to go to swimming. Then I got a stomach bug that has knocked me out of commission for the day. Then the intern wrote to say she isn’t coming due to a family emergency.

In the end, nothing went really as planned. But we’ve had a good weekend (except for the stomach bug….not fun). And everything got done that needed to. A good reminder that the best-laid plans are really those that are flexible.

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