The No-S diet

I’ve posted a couple of times about my idea to made monthly resolutions to help make slow changes in improving my overall health. In addition to that, I’ve been following the No-S Diet plan since Jan 7th. This plan is super simple: No Snacks, No Sweets, No Seconds except (sometimes) on days that begin with S (Saturdays, Sundays, and Special Days). The website has a lot more details including how to define “snacks” and “sweets” and what “special” days are. The inventor of this plan, Reinhold Engels has also come out with a book. The website is funny and full of information, so if you really want to see how to implement the plan I’d go there or check out the book. This is more about how it’s working for me.

I like that No-S  is simple.

No counting calories or carbs or fat. No counting of anything. No keeping track of what you eat. Because of that it’s easy to succeed. There aren’t a lot of complicated rules to try to follow and ultimately break. At the same time there is a lot of flexibility. On the website Engels answers FAQ’s like what exactly is a sweet (sugar in your coffee?) and what he means by “special” days and “sometimes”. But a lot of that is up for you to define for yourself.

I like that No-S is social.

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight or diet knows that one of the hardest parts is that food is such a central part of social occasions. You either end up “cheating” and feeling like you failed (which for me then makes me just give up) or you end up dealing with all the people who try to convince you to have that piece of cake or pie or whatever because it’s a birthday/Christmas/Thanksgiving. With the No-S diet no one even really needs to know you are dieting. Major holidays and birthdays are “special days” and many social occasions occur on Saturdays/Sundays. If you are out with people on a No-S day than you just don’t have seconds and say you don’t feel like dessert. Much easier than having an entire food group you are avoiding or painstakingly recording the calories of your meal. If you want to tell people, that’s fine too, but this plan still makes it easier to be social and stick to the diet.

I like that No-S is sustainable.

I guess I haven’t done it long enough to make this claim, but I feel like it will be sustainable for the long-term. For me the hardest part has been no snacking, but that’s gotten easier. Following this diet has made me realize how much snacking I did and how much of it was due to boredom or just because it was there and not true hunger. My kids are still at the age where they really need snacks and a lot of my snacking was with them. As far as what I eat,  I have a lot of room for improvement. I know I could do a lot better with food choices but I’m ok with letting that be a next step.

So far I’ve lost about 5 pounds in a month. That’s a small change but I feel like it fits with my overall idea of making small changes slowly that will hopefully become long-term habits. So, I’d say for me the No-S diet is working just great.

3 thoughts on “The No-S diet

  1. Alice,

    You could add another no-s………how about No Snow? Or it could be an-S day (snow day) but we are probably all ready for a day with no snow! This sounds really interesting and sustainable. Avoiding snacks with small children is hard! Even at work, when I see kids with their little goldfish crackers, it makes me hungry! Good luck and way to go in making small, sustainable changes. That’s the way to go; it’s how habits are built.

    • I did make the first big snow back in Dec a S day, I think. We were all enjoying hot chocolate and popcorn and movies and such. And my thought was that snow days here in VA are pretty rare and special. HA! Unfortunately, now the better thing to do for the diet would be to make the non-snow days “special” days. The next Sunny day will seem pretty special. 🙂

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