February Resolution

I posted last month about my idea to make monthly resolutions towards better health instead of making big vague New Year Resolutions that I’d ultimately fail at keeping.  In January I gave up Diet Coke and it’s gone pretty well. I have had a few Diet Cokes since then, but it’s been a huge decrease. The big change I made was not to buy them or have them at home. Overall, I feel like it’s been successful and I’ve kept the spirit of the resolution if not strictly the law. I went from drinking more than I want to admit (think at least 4 a day) to drinking maybe 1 or 2 a week. So, a big change.

For February, I’m tackling something a bit harder. My goal is to exercise at least 3 days a week. Ultimately, I know 5-6 days is better, but in keeping with the spirit of making slow gradual changes, I’m starting with this. I don’t really enjoy exercise. Given the opportunity to spend an afternoon as I’d like, I’ll choose curling up with a good book or watching a movie or going to a museum or learning how to sew or just about anything other than a physical activity. I realize however, that exercise is really important to overall health and I know that when I actually do it I feel better.

You probably don’t remember, but I posted a similar goal of getting back to exercising regularly last January. And ultimately I failed. I had a lot of excuses, that are somewhat valid. I was really knocked out by nausea and fatigue early in the year with the pregnancy, then when that went away it was mid-summer and about 1000 degrees here and I just wasn’t up for getting out there, and finally I had a newborn and all the stress and fatigue that goes with it. I’m not claiming that these are good excuses, just that it’s reality. It’s still hard and I thought of a lot of excuses for why I shouldn’t yet tackle this challenge. The primary one is that it’s really difficult to carve out even 30 minutes in a day to do it. I round at the hospital every morning which makes it tough to also exercise then, during the day I am working or with kids, Ruth has not been great about napping in the bassinet so it’s rare to have 30 minutes where I’m not holding her for part of it, it’s cold and icy out now so I can’t walk outside which is my preferred form of exercise, etc. These are all true, but I also decided that in spite of or perhaps because of all of those I really needed to work on making it a priority.

So today I started with an exercise DVD I have. This isn’t my favorite method of exercise, but I like these. Plus, it’s something I can do and not have to worry about the complications of childcare or being outside. It went well. Ruth took a nap in the bassinet for the exact length of the DVD, which I found quite nice of her. John and David came down and watched me. Which is really another excuse I have not to exercise at home. It’s disconcerting to realize your kids are watching you flap around like a giant spastic dork. But I told myself I was setting a good example for them. If nothing else, it taught them that it’s ok to look silly.

I hope to report back in a month that I’ve been able to keep it up.

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