Random, not so profound, thoughts

This weekend, H. and I got to go see one of our favorite bands, Eddie from Ohio at the Birchmere. It was a great show in a great venue and a rare treat to just have the time (semi-alone) together. We did take Ruth with us. She did great, pretty much slept through the show, including the loud drum solo. We also took her with us when we saw Avatar over the Christmas holidays, and she slept soundly through that as well. Yet another difference between a first child and a third child. We took John places at the same age but it seemed at the time like such a hassle…the diaper bag and worrying about him waking up or being fussy. It didn’t feel like a date. Now, one child is a snap and it’s definitely a date when it’s just the one who can’t interrupt our conversation.

We sat at a table with two other couples. One had an eight week old baby at home, one was pregnant with their first. They were sweet but I think a bit baffled by us bringing the baby. One of them asked if we’d been “following” EFO for a long time. My first thought was no, not really. Then we realized we first saw them before we were married, so about 11 years ago. Wow. It’s a cliché, I know, but sometimes life does seem to be moving at an incredibly high-speed. You wake up and boom, you have three kids and are married 10 years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m awfully happy with this life of mine. But sometimes I’m just amazed at how we got here. And wondering what tomorrow will bring.

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