Let it Snow

DCA Metro Radar

We’re at about 18 inches and counting. That’s the most snow for this area ever in December and will likely be in the top ten snowfalls ever for this area when it is all said and done. The last time I remember getting this much snow I was pregnant with John and H. and I were living in a small condo. I remember we read books and watched movies and went for some nice walks in the snow. I remember enjoying the quiet days, watching the snow fall and thinking how peaceful the world was. I also remember thinking how much harder it must be for our friends who had several kids.

And I was right, it is harder. Between the putting on the mittens and boots and layers and layers of clothes and then taking off the layers and layers  of wet clothes and making hot chocolate and being cooped up inside most of the day, it’s harder. I was upstairs with Ruth earlier taking a nap and woke up to her fussing for more milk and the sound of the boys in the room below me having a Playmobil knight battle. Peaceful isn’t really a word I’d use to describe our house.

But I also got to watch their faces when they woke up and saw the snow. And to see them thrilled about sledding down our very small hill in our front yard. To snuggle on the couch with them under a blanket. To make them hot chocolate. To just be with them all day.

So lying in bed listening to their battle cries I thought how it’s harder. But also better.

Kind of like life.

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