Advent Days 19 and 20

Animals Christmas Carol

I really like this book by Helen Ward. It’s based on the old French carol “The Friendly Beasts” but in addition to the animals you might expect in the Nativity story (ox, lamb, donkey) the author includes verses about a peacock, a lion, a bee, a moth, and even a woodworm. Each animal is telling the Christ child what it brings as a gift. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous in detail and the addition of gold printing gives an extra special feel. The Christmas Story

This is a very straightforward and simple telling of the Christmas story by Patricia Pingry. It uses Biblical language but in a nicely simplified way that is appropriate for even the very youngest children. It’s a good first book for kids just hearing the details of the Christmas story.

Humphrey's Christmas

This is one in a series of books about a little elephant named Humphrey by Sally Hunter. They are all very sweet and gentle books with lovely watercolor illustrations. I like the British feel to them. And Humphrey likes them because they are one of the few things out there with the name Humphrey. (Although oddly, even though there aren’t many Humphrey’s around in the real world, there are several other children’s books we have with Humphrey as the main character. Or maybe it’s just that people tend to give them to us when they find them.)

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