Advent Day 12 (and some bears)

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Today we had a bit of serendipity for our Advent book of the day. This is one of Karma Wilson’s Bear series. The book itself is very cute, about a bear who tries to stay up for Christmas and how his friends help him. Like all the books in the series the text told in a smooth, rolling rhyme and the illustrations by Jane Chapman are great.

It was especially great to have the boys pull this one out today because I’ve been reading all the other books in the series this week with David for his school time.

Bear Snores On

Bear Snores On is the first book in the series (although it doesn’t matter what order you read these in). Bear is hibernating when the other animals in the forest sneak into his den to get away from a winter storm. They accidentally wake him up and are at first scared by his cries and roars, only to realize he is sad that he missed the party. This is the first of the books I read to John several years ago and we both loved it then and still love it now. The others are Bear Wants More, Bear’s New Friend, Bear Feels Scared,  and Bear Feels Sick. They are all fabulous. They fall in the rare category of being equally enjoyed by me, John and David.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

I’ve been reading the Karma Wilson series to David this week because last week we used this other  great bear themed book by Michael Rosen as our Before Five in a Row book of the week.  This was one of David’s favorite books already and we had a fun time with it. We’ve made several bear dens with blankets and pillows and gone on many bear hunts ourselves. But no worries, no bears (real or imaginary) were harmed.

3 thoughts on “Advent Day 12 (and some bears)

  1. LOVE bear snores on. I make a bear cave out of a storage closet (cover it with black paper, googley eyes, brown rocks on the side) and we feed teddy bears lots of fake food and then put them in there to “hibernate”. we wear pajamas and pretend to hibernate too (aka take a nap) and watch a winter movie…in spring we take them out and have a teddy bear picnic!

    🙂 maybe a fun thing to try with your kiddos? i think there’s also a bear wakes up book.

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