Advent Day 7

In addition to the Advent/Christmas books I wrapped for the boys to choose daily, I have a shelf of other seasonal books. I pull those out on days when we have a little extra time. Today is a snowy day good for playing outside and also for coming inside and being warm and cozy. Without a lot of other things planned, I took the opportunity to pull out some of those extra books.

Olivia Helps with Christmas (Olivia Series)

Olivia Helps With Christmas is another in Ian Falconer’s series of stories about a precocious girl pig. They are funny and clever and endearing.

Christmas Is…

Gail Gibbons is absolutely one of my favorite authors of non-fiction picture books for kids. She is able to explain just about anything in a simple but not over-simple way that kids can understand. And she has the ability to make just about any subject interesting. I find that I almost always learn a new fact or two when reading one of her books, even though they are aimed at young kids. I like this book of hers on Christmas because she focuses on Christmas being about Christ. She talks about many of the other symbols associated with Christmas (trees, lights, angels, presents) but almost always relates them back to Christ. She does talk about Santa but does so in a very nice way where if your kids believe in Santa this book won’t shake their belief but she doesn’t really come out and say Santa is true. (We don’t “do” Santa with our kids and while I don’t mind books that have him as a character sometimes I think he can be overemphasized.)

The Snow Globe Family

I really like this book by Jane O’Connor. Honestly, I probably like it more than my boys but that’s ok. They were interested while I was reading it but not as captivated as they are by some books. The book tells the story of a family living in a snow globe. As the story unfolds, the actions of the family in the snow globe are mirrored by the actions of the big family living in the house outside the globe. I think it’s cute and creative. It was fun to read today with the snow falling outside.

Dream Snow

Although you can’t really go wrong with Eric Carle books, I have to say I don’t think this one is as good as most of his. It’s the story of a farmer who has five animals and one night dreams of snow falling and covering them all. In the end, he wakes to fine it has really snowed and it is Christmas and he puts presents for his animals under the tree. It’s simple, like most Carle books but somehow is lacking something. John even said when I finished “Is that all?” David was excited by the button you can push at the end that plays music, but otherwise this book is just ok.

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