An Advent Craft: Colored Glass Pictures

This didn’t really start out as an Advent craft. It started out as a project to go along with John’s history readings this week which were about the ancient Phoenicians. Apparently the Phoenicians were known for making colored glass and this project was in the Story of the World Activity Guide as a suggested go-along project for the week. One thing I have been feeling is lacking in our homeschool is art. It’s easy to let it slide since there is so much else to do. John doesn’t really enjoy art projects that much so it’s not something he misses. But I’ve been meaning to do more of them,  partially because it’s not something he’ll do on his own and partially because David does really enjoy them. Still, I’m not especially crafty and sometimes John is just not that interested so I’m never sure how they will turn out. I was very pleased with these.

First you have the child choose a picture. I actually meant for him to cut a picture out of a magazine or from a Christmas card but due to a serendipitous misunderstanding he chose to copy a card we’d received in the mail. Which is what ended up in this being sort of an Advent craft. Here is his drawing.

Then cut out two pieces of waxed paper that are bigger than the picture you are using. You could make them in an interesting shape but my very concrete boys both chose “square”. Put some newspaper onto a table and lay one piece of waxed paper on the newspaper with the child’s picture centered on top of the waxed paper.

Then you will need some crayon shavings (actually have these ready first) and pieces of colored thread. The thread is because the Phoenicians used it in their glass. If you aren’t studying them, feel free to leave it out. I used a vegetable peeler and some old crayons to make these. There might be a better way but it worked.

Now let your kids have fun sprinkling the crayon shavings and colored threads over the picture and waxed paper. This is where they can be creative. I didn’t give much direction, other than to mention that the might not want to completely cover the picture with the crayons. After they are done, place the second piece of waxed paper over the picture and cover with two more pieces of waxed paper. Use an iron on low heat and iron over the newspaper. It doesn’t take long to get the crayons melted. Pick up the newspaper and you’re done. I did trim around the edges to make them look a little neater.

John’s finished glass.

And David’s. He drew on a piece of paper and I asked him what shape he wanted me to cut out. He chose a heart.

All in all a pretty easy project. It was short enough and different enough for John to stay interested.  I think they turned out well. And hanging in one of our windows they make a nice Advent decoration.

Those Phoenicians were pretty smart guys.

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