Advent Days 3 and 4

This is the Star

This was our book yesterday.  (Ruth has had a cold and yesterday reverted to newborn feeding patterns. Therefore no post yesterday. She’s better today, so I’m back to posting.) This book tells the story of the Nativity using a simple rhyming pattern that builds on itself (similar to the poem This is the House that Jack Built). It’s simple yet effective and the repetition is good for young listeners. The illustrations by Gary Blythe are gorgeous. I know I’ve said that about every book so far but really it’s been true. We’ve just had a string of beautiful books. These are amazing photo-realistic paintings. I also like that Mary, Joseph and Jesus are definitely not blond and blue-eyed.

And on a different note…this was our book today.

The 12 Bugs of Christmas: A Pop-up Christmas Counting Book by David A. Carter

This is one of David Carter’s silly bug pop up books. It has nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas. But it’s fun and the boys loved it. Popcorn bugs, angel bugs, reindeer bugs flying through the air. What’s not to like?

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