A Date with a Monkey

David and I went on a date yesterday. I could tell he needed a little special time. He loves his little sister but it hasn’t been easy becoming the middle child. And three is a tough age anyway, in my experience.

I asked him what he wanted to do. He asked to go to the pet store to look at the animals. So that’s what we did. We saw fish and kittens and lizards and birds. One of the staff took out a gerbil for him to pet which was fun. Then we went next door to Target and had Icees. He also picked out a bag of Cheetos for a snack. He told me that tigers could eat Cheetos (there is a tiger on the bag) but it’s also ok for monkeys to eat them and since we were monkeys we could have them.

He was happy and we had a fun time. As a mentioned earlier, I’ve found three to be tougher than two for both my kids. I found with John that occasional special “dates” really helped when we were going through a tough phase.

Sometime it’s tempting to think that parenting will get easier as the kids get older. But I have enough friends with older kids and teens to know that there will be a day when I look back with longing for the time that a trip to the pet store, an Icee and a bag of Cheetos could satisfy all his desires.

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