Now He is Six

When I was one,
I had just begun.

When I was two,
I was nearly new.

When I was three,
I was hardly me.

When I was four,
I was not much more.

When I was five,
I was just alive.

But now I am six,
I’m as clever as clever.
So I think I’ll be six
now for ever and ever.

by A. A. Milne


If only he could.

5 thoughts on “Now He is Six

  1. *Sigh*… Happy birthday, um, John! How can it have been six years already? It is SO bittersweet, watching them grow–no matter how wonderful the unfolding person it’s still hard knowing we can’t go backwards. I’m reading a book now called “Great with Child” that’s a series of letters from a mom to an expectant friend of hers. It’s an okay book, but the one letter that really got to me was about this very thing. The author writes about a time she and her husband came out of a matinee in London’s Chinatown. They were extremely hungry and went into a restaurant, which was empty but for them and the waiter, as it wasn’t a busy time of day. The menu was only in Chinese and they couldn’t read it, so the waiter asked in broken English if he should bring them some food. They said yes, and apparently enjoyed course after course of delicious food (even better because they were so hungry), with no idea what it was or what else might be served next. As he brought the dishes and took away finished ones, the waiter would tell them, “More coming.” That meal became an allegory for her daughter’s life, for her, as each stage passed and was replaced by a new one: more coming, more coming. I really liked that image!

    Hope you all had a great celebration!

    • That is a great image. I feel like I’m constantly wanting to grab them all and freeze them as they are but at the same time loving seeing who they are becoming.

  2. Happy Birthday to John and Congratulations on six years of motherhood. I love the “more coming” image!!!! I have also had time of wanting to “freeze” my kids (and still do) but then I’d have missed out on seeing them become the wonderful young ladies they are. It’s always a bittersweet journey so you are doing the right thing by enjoying the journey and taking time along the way to just “be” and enjoy!

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