50 Things I Like…

On The Well Trained Mind message board someone started a thread asking people to name 50 things you like. Sort of a count your blessings kind of thing. Here’s mine, in no particular order. I didn’t list family members because that seemed too obvious. Although I do like all of my family, very much. This was more of an exercise in thinking of the little things that I’m thankful for.

1. Being able to say “my daughter”
2. Listening to my boys play in the other room
3. My 2 yr old pretending to be a monkey
4. Thunderstorms
5. Books
6. Libraries
7. Peppermint ice cream
8. The fact that my husband grocery shopped for us last night.
9. And that he bought me peppermint ice cream.
10. Tulips
11. Listening to rain at night
12. My “pretty songs” playlist on my computer
13. Hot baths
14. Not being pregnant
15. Our church family
16. Making lists and checking them off
17. A clean house
18. Swimming
19. Watching Survivor
20. Doing science experiements with my 5 yr old
21. Bacon
22. Knowing how to bake bread
23. Playing board games
24. Doing puzzles
25. The Olympics
26. Painting my toenails
27. The smell of baby lotion
28. My “hot pillow”
29. Sleep
30. “And Can it Be”
31. Mashed potatoes
32. Diet Coke
33. Autumn
34. Most movies by Christopher Guest
35. Traveling
36. Reading the entire Sunday paper
37. Little pink dresses folded up in the drawer
38. Quilts
39. The feel of fingerpainting
40. Being barefoot
41. Going to the ballet
42. Live theater
43. Backrubs
44. Tex-Mex
45. Rays
46. Taking a walk
47. Teaching my son to read
48. Being alone sometimes
49. Being a pediatrician
50. Being a Mommy

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