What I’ve been up to

Before I had kids I remember Moms would bring their newborns into the office for a visit and often ask about some tiny little blemish on their skin or why one little toe seemed to curve slightly to the left or some other barely noticeable physical characteristic. I would reassure them but later I would wonder how in the world they noticed whatever it had been. I remember thinking  in these exact words “Do they sit and look at the baby all day?”

Then I had John. And I realized, well, yes. Yes they do sit and look at the baby all day.

Part of it is just a matter of nothing else to do. The baby eats every two or three hours (or more often sometimes with Ruth) and so you are sitting and feeding. With breastfeeding babies the feeding can take 30-60 minutes. I do other stuff when feeding like read to the boys or read to myself or sometimes even play on the computer. But a lot of the time I’m just too tired to do something else and so I just sit and look at the baby.

And part of it is just being amazed at finally meeting this little person that you’ve been waiting for the past 9 months.  When it’s your own baby you find every little thing about them adorable and interesting. Other babies all look pretty much the same. But yours is a miracle.

So that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to the past two weeks. That and changing diapers. A lot of diapers.

One thought on “What I’ve been up to

  1. That feeling never goes away–that feeling of how precious your little baby is to you–even when she is no longer a baby.

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