It’s a….

Girl! We now have a daughter. Which is both strange and wonderful after two boys. At this point (6 days old) there isn’t really that much difference between a girl and a boy baby except when changing diapers we’re much less likely to get sprayed. We’re liking that part of having a girl.

But in that moment when the OB said “SHE’s Beautiful” both H. and I looked at each other and I think were somewhat in shock. And awe. I had always kind of seen myself as the Mom to a lot of boys and I mostly expected this one to be a boy also. Most people assumed that after two boys we were “trying for a girl” which quite frankly annoyed me. We weren’t having a third child to have a girl, but to have a third child. We would have been happy with whatever gender God designed for our family.

In total honesty, I think the thought of having a girl scared me a bit. Just the newness of it. I felt like we have the boy thing down, we can do boys. Having a girl seemed different and different is sometimes scary. Even though logically it’s not that different yet, it does feel different. But not so scary. More like the beginning of a whole new adventure.

Her blog name will be Ruth. It’s a name we liked a lot but didn’t use for various reasons. It really has no other connection with her real name. One advantage of having a blog is getting to name everyone twice.

She is beautiful. And our daughter. And we love her.

7 thoughts on “It’s a….

  1. I can’t wait to meet her! I know she is a wonderful completion (at least up to this point!) to your family. I’ll bet that when she starts getting around, your little guys won’t know what hit them!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you and H. and the boys…what a wonderful journey…having three and having a girl!!! I can’t wait to tell Dave!! Hope all FIVE of you are doing well.

  3. Congratulations Alice!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! I totally understand about “trying for a girl”. It is about a third child and not gender. People acted like we should throw our third girl away or something….like having another girl was a failure rather than the blessing it truly is. Each child is an individual and while gender is a factor, it’s only part of the picture. Congratulations on a healthy baby girl. Can’t wait to meet Ruth. PS…….I’m loving having a vacation in honor of Ruth. It’s awesome but I am looking forward to coming home and meeting your new baby.

  4. I saw her pictures, Bonnie forwarded them to me–you are right, she is a very very beatuiful little girl. Enjoy her!! I’m so happy for you all. I like her blog name and her real name both. I think having a girl is kinda scary, but after having mine for 16 months now, I can see the differences between her and a son and I love knowing someday I’ll have someone to have tea parties with or take shopping for party dresses.

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