WFMW: Foot care

Wfmwbanner This may be too much information to
reveal here on the Internet but I have
really gross feet. It’s true. I have thick
scaly skin over my heels and balls of my
feet. It’s not fungal but it is gross and
annoying. It can get really bad and the
skin can crack and bleed.

Ok, now that you have that lovely picture in your head, I figure there have to be some other gross feet fellow sufferers out there. The thing I’ve found that works for me is A&D ointment, the original kind with lanolin. I’ve used plain lanolin in the past which works great, but it’s hard to find, expensive and too sticky. The A&D ointment is available most everywhere, is not as sticky and if you get it in the big jar is pretty reasonably priced.

I put it on at night and wear socks to bed. If I do this consistently my feet look almost normal. Which is saying quite a lot.

Check out the other tips at Rocks in My Dryer.

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3 thoughts on “WFMW: Foot care

  1. I have dry cracked obnoxious feet too. Don’t be ashamed!
    It’s not a sign of nastiness…’re just unlucky! 🙂

    I even have a sweet hubby who does the filing…and rubbing of lotion on mine. It’s a tough life, huh?

    I sleep with Eucerin on mine (per Dr. Oz) and socks too.

  2. Thank heavens I’m not alone!! LOL. I only have one foot that does this (weird, I know) and my husband and I call it my Troll Foot, and I nicknamed it “Trolly”.

    Needless to say, Trolly and I will be so glad to try this!!

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