WFMW: Relief for morning sickness

Wfmwbanner Official disclaimer:  I’m writing this as a pregnant woman tired of being nauseous, not as a medical doctor recommending a treatment.

Moving on. The Relief Band has worked great for me for pregnancy related
nausea.  It is a device that straps onto your wrist like a watch and sends out
regular electric pulses. You feel the pulses in your palm and middle fingers.   It’s not painful but you can feel it. There are 5 different settings so  you can adjust it to your own needs.

I first discovered this when I was pregnant with John. I was working full-time and would get car sick every day driving to work. I have never ever in my life gotten car sick. I can usually read in the car, no problem. I can even cross-stitch in the car with no issues. So motion sickness was new for me. I tried the little Sea Bands you can get at the drugstore but they didn’t help. We were about to take a long car trip to visit my grandfather and someone put a prayer request on our church prayer chain knowing I was worried about the drive and the car sickness. A guy attending our church at the time was a business traveler who suffered from motion sickness. He brought me his Relief Band to church and told me to try it. It worked like a charm and I was so thankful.

Fast forward to pregnancy #2. I may have complained just a tad about how I was feeling sick ALL THE TIME. Unfortunately the orignial supplier of the Band had left the church. H. ordered me a new Relief Band and had it rush delivered. Knowing that H. is a person who normally is all about figuring out how to get free shipping on Amazon tells you how he felt about the urgency of getting this little gizmo onto my wrist. (And perhaps tells you that maybe my complaining was just a little more than a tad.)

And now with pregnancy #3 I’ve brought it out again and been wearing it. I can’t say it takes away all the nausea but it definitely helps. It’s not verey fashionable. (If you click on the website you’ll see a very stylish woman showing off hers. In reality it looks like a bizarre very clunky wristwatch.)

Do I have any idea how this thing works? Nope. Don’t care. The website tries to explain it but it doesn’t really make sense to me medically. Do I think this might be just a placebo effect and the fact that it works is purely supratentorial? Maybe. Very possibly. Don’t care. All I know is it works for me.

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4 thoughts on “WFMW: Relief for morning sickness

  1. Thanks for the tip. I have recently found out I am pregnant with my third baby too but as it is very early days haven’t started feeling ill yet but will check this out if I do.

  2. I’ve used that too…and I think it’s all psychological too, but I’ll take what I can get. Vitamin B6 really does work also. Morning sickness…blah!!!!

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