WFMW: Reading Practice


You will likely either think this idea is GENIUS or really weird.

John is learning to read this year. He’s doing a great job. Earlier in the
year I wanted to help him practice so I took a piece of posterboard and wrote
out some words that I knew he could read but needed practice on reading fluently.

I put the poster up on a convenient blank surface where I knew he’d see it. It was on the door to the room that has his Legos and Knights so I figured he’d see it often. I hadn’t quite figured out how to use it. As I said, he’s doing well with reading but has a personality that tends to rebel if told he has to do something.

Soon after, he was on the potty going to the bathroom and I heard “Zip, Lip, Flip. Stop. Hop. Pop.” He doesn’t like to shut the door when he’s going to the bathroom because he gets scared.  I realized that the poster was completely visible from where he sat on the potty.  And so he started reading it.

He’s getting more fluent and he’s doing it on his own.  And I figure he’s learning the all important skill of multi-tasking.

Works for me. Now check out Rocks in My Dryer for more tips. Most of them not involving the potty.

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